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Specification 1.6580 datasheet, 1.6580 Chemical, 1.6580 Ring forging Bar steelmaking, ESR, hot blooming, hot forging, hot rolling, heat treatment, straightened, ultrasonic test, cold working, machined. We also possess advanced precision machining equipments for further processing. Technical standards - DIN EN 10263-4 (2002), DIN 1654 (1989) or by agreement.
Official Test Certificate: issued by TUV - SGS BV

MATERIAL CATEGORY: Cold heading & cold extruding steel
MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: DIN EN 10263-4 (2002), DIN 1654 (1989)
C (%):     0.26 ~ 0.34
Si (%):    ≤ 0.40
Mn (%):   0.30 ~ 0.60
P (%)≤:   0.035
S (%)≤:   0.035
Cr (%):    1.80 ~ 2.20
Mo (%):   0.30 ~ 0.50
Ni (%):    1.80 ~ 2.20
Soft annealing temperature /℃:      650~700
Soft annealed (≤100mm)|σb/MPa:  730
Soft annealed (≤100mm)|ψ(%):     60
Cold draw soft annealed (≤60mm)|σb/MPa:   710
Cold draw soft annealed (≤60mm)|ψ(%):      62
Heat treatment / quenching temperature /℃| water quenching:  -
Heat treatment / quenching temperature /℃|oil quenching: 830 - 860
Heat treatment / tempering temperature /℃:   540~680
Mechancial after heat treatment
Tensile strength, ≥|σb/MPa: 1230 - 1420
Yield strength, ≥|σs/MPa: 1030
Elongation, ≥|δ5(%): 9.0
Reduction of area, ≥|ψ(%): 40.0
Impact strength, ≥|AKV DVM-V form sampling /J: 34
Proven performance in long-term service.
Extensive database of long term, high temperature test results.
High room and elevated temperature strength.Good creep.
High notch tolerance.
Thermal expansion coefficients compatible with low alloy steel turbine casing materials.
Lower design and operating risks
Simplified design for bolting configuration compared with martensitic steels or high nickel alloys.
Alloy structural steel is provided with higher yield strength, tensile strength, endurance strength, yield ratio (about 0.85 generally ) enough plasticity and toughness.
The concentration of alloy element of this kind of steel is quite high, mainly are corrosion resistant steel, heat resistant steel, wear resistant steel, and other special steels of physical and chemical properties. Alloy structural steel has preferable mechanical property than that of carbon structural steel, high performance of heat treatment especially.
The alloy is usually produced by EAF /VD /LF followed by electroslag refining (ESR) if necessary for special purpose.
Bars and, where applicable, forgings are subjected to ultrasonic examination based on the different level according to the buyers' requirements.
Bars are usually supplied bright in the annealed condition, or bright annealing specially.
Final heat treatment - heat treatment / QT 
Round bar / Flat bar / Square bar / Pipe / Steel strip / Sheet
Bright - peeled + polishing, centerless grinding
Forged - ring, tube, pipe casing, discs, shaft
Alloy structural steels are widely used in the filed of ship, vehicle, airplane, guided missile, weapons, railway, bridges, pressure vessel, machine tools, mechanical components with a bigger sectional size and so on.
Power generation – turbine fasteners – boiler support rods
Process plant – fasteners
Mechanical gears, gear shaft, main axis, valve rod
Mechanical parts - connecting rod, bolt and nut
Multidiameter shaft
Pressure vessel, seamless pipe
If you meet further on any technical enquiry, pleased to EMAIL our resident team of qualified production engineers, E-mail: sales@ccsteels.com
Round bar / Wire rod (Diameter): 5.5mm to 800mm
Square bar / Flat bar: 3mm to 800mm
Length: Fixed length or random length or based on the customer's special requirement.
Heavy/middle plate via hot rolled: T60 - 400mm X W50 - 1000mm X L1000 - 5000mm
Sheet steel via cold rolled: T0.5 - 6mm X W600- 1000mm X L1000 - 2000mm
Steel strip via cold rolled: T0.1 - 3mm X W5 - 200mm X L (or in coil form)
Forging piece: stepped shafts with flanks / discs /tubes /slugs /donuts /cubes /other different shapes based on OEM.        


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