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DIN EN 10088-1 Material Specifications 1.4933, a Martensitic Creep-resisting Stainless Steel, 1.4933 round bar, flat bar, and forging piece, ESR, Heat treatment.

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET of Creep-resisting Steel  - Grade 1.4933
MATERIAL CATEGORY - Martensitic creep-resisting steel
Martensitic steel - Chromium content is 7~13%, which holds superior high temperature strength, inoxidizability and moisture corrosive resistance, Stock available diameter 20 ~ 220mm.
MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS - DIN 17442,17744, DIN EN 10302, 10095, EN 10088-1
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (mass weight - %)
Carbon, C (%): 0.08 ~ 0.15
Silicon, Si (%): ≤ 0.50
Manganese, Mn (%): 0.40 ~ 0.90
Phosphorus, P (%)≤: 0.025
Sulfur, S (%)≤: 0.015
Yield strength, σs≥/MPa: 800
Elongation, δ5 ≥(%): 13.0
Non-scale temperature in Air: 600℃
Heat-resistant steel is widely used in the field of manufacturing the boiler, steam turbine, motive power machine, industrial furnace, and other mechanical parts of aviation, petrochemical engineering operating at high temperature. Those parts must hold the features: high temperature strength, resistance to high temperature oxide etch, enough toughness, excellent machinability, weldability, structure stability based on different usages.
Round bar / Disc (diameter): 5.5mm to 850mm
Square bar / Flat bar: 10mm to 800mm
Length: Fixed length or random length or based on the customer's special requirement.
Forging piece: stepped shafts, other different shapes based on OEM.
Heat resistant steel is generally smelt in EAF - electric arc furnace or induction furnace. For higher quality,it should be smelt via technology of vacuum refining and external refining. 
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