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IS 1570-5 (1985 / 2004) Austenitic Steel X04Cr17Ni12Mo2 Round bar, flat bar, Plate X04Cr17Ni12Mo2 ESR melted, Hot forging / rolling, Heat treatment, Cold working.

Official Test Report: issued by TUV - SGS -  BV
Special Melting Practice - BEF + AOD / + ESR
HS Code For Customs - 72221100 / 72221900 / 72222000
Inventory on hand - Round bar Diam. 5.50 ~ 350mm
Material Specifications - IS 1570-5 (1985 / 2004)
CHEMICAL ELEMENTS (mass weight - %) 
Carbon, C (%):  ≤ 0.08
Silicon, Si (%):  ≤ 1.00
Manganese, Mn (%):  ≤ 2.00
Phosphorus, P (%) ≤:  0.040
Sulfur, S (%) ≤:  0.030
Chromium, Cr (%):  16.00 ~  18.0
Nickel, Ni (%):  10.00 ~ 14.0
Molybdenum, Mo (%):  2.00 ~ 3.00
Ferrum, Fe (%):  remainder
Forms: Round bar, flat bar, forgings and plate
Tensile strength, σb/≥ MPa:  515
Yield strength, σ0.2/MPa:  205
Elongation, δ ≥(%):  40.0
Reduction of area, ф ≥ (%):  -
Hardness via heat treatment /HBW:  217 max.
The alloy is usually produced by EAF / AOD / EF followed by electroslag refining (ESR) / VAR if necessary for special purpose. Bars and, where applicable, forgings are subjected to ultrasonic examination based on the different levels according to the buyers' requirements.
Bars are usually supplied black/bright in the annealed condition.
Final heat treatment - solution treatment.
Round bar / Disc (Diameter): 5.5mm to 800mm
Square bar / Flat bar: 10mm to 600mm
Length: Fixed length or random length or based on the customer's special requirement.
Heavy / middle plate via hot rolled: T10 ~ 410mm X W70 ~ 1500mm X Lmm
Sheet steel via cold rolled: T0.5 - 6mm X W600 ~ 1220mm X Lmm
Steel strip via cold rolled: T0.1 - 3mm X W5 - 1200mm X L (or in coil form)
Forging piece: stepped shafts, other different shapes based on OEM.
CNC saw cutting.
Marking by stamping or printing.
Third party inspection service.
Export packing / Export documents.
Transport by Track, Sea, Courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL) and Air Cargo.
20+ years Focus On Special Steel Manufacturing and processing.
Stock over 60 grades with a competitive price, along with cutting service for specific requirement.
Customizing special material is welcome.
We closely cooperate with the professional inspection partners to strictly control the quality and improve the quality manage system, and guarantee the goods delivery each time. It is proved that we are worth of trusting and will be the strategic partner of the supplying chains in the special steels field.
 If you meet further on any technical enquiry, pleased to EMAIL our resident team of qualified production engineers, Email: sales@ccsteels.com.

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