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AISI 630 (17-4PH)
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Precipitation hardening stainless steel 17-4PH Round bar, flat bar, plate AISI 630 Wire rod, Forgings Steelmaking, ESR melted, Hot forging, Hot rolling, Heat treatment, 100% Ultrasonic test.

LonghaiSteel is manufacturer and supplier of AISI 630 & AMS 6543 Precipitation hardening stainless steel round bar and flat bar. SS630 is a corrosion resistant grade which is soft and ductile in the solution annealed condition. Medium to high strength, good toughness and strength is obtained by the appropriate ageing treatment. As a martensitic precipitation hardening stainless it is characterised by high tensile strength and high yield strength obtained by solution annealing, followed by a single or double low temperature age hardening treatment. SS 630 / 17-4PH has corrosive properties comparable to 304 austenitic stainless steel in many environments.

Related Specifications
EN/DIN1.4542 X5CrNiCuNb16.4 AFNOR Z6CNU17-O4
ASTM-A564 Grade 630 UNS S17400 JIS SUS630
AMS 5643 5604 EN10088-3

Carbon 0.07% max Chromium 15.00-17.00%
Manganese 1.00% max Nickel 3.00-5.00%
Silicon 1.00% max Copper 3.00-5.00%
Phosphorous 0.04% max Niobium +  0.15-0.45%
Sulphur 0.03% max Tantalum  

Form of Supply

ASTM 630 / 17-4PH flat bar and round bar is commonly stocked in Condition A and can be cut to your specific requirements. Stocks of 17-4ph H1050+H1150 are available in round bar. Precision ground bar can be produced and supplied ground to your required tolerances.

AISI 630
  Sheet Plate Flat Round bar Strip


Commonly used in industries such as offshore, marine, food, paper mills, oil field and aerospace. AISI 630 is used for components such as fasteners, couplings, screws, bushings, studs, fittings, valve stems, roller, wear rings.


Heat slowly and uniformly to 1180-1200ºC. Do not forge below 1010ºC. Hold at temperature for one hour prior to forging the component. Cool in air to room temperature. Forged components require solution annealing before any further heat treatment.

Corrosion Resistance

AISI 630 stainless has very good corrosion resistance properties. Corrosion tests in service have shown good results in all aged conditions. With better corrosion resistance to standard hardenable stainless grades such as 431, 420 and 410. 17-4PH has corrosion resistance comparable to 304 stainless specification.



Similar in machining characteristics to 304 and 410 stainless steel specifications. Condition H900 has high hardness and strength which is the most difficult to machine and the machining of this is recommended to be carried out at 60% of the rate which is used for Condition A.


For increase resistance to surface wear, with a slight reduction in corrosion resistance, AISI 630 can be nitrided. When nitrided at 540ºC an approximate hardness of 64-67 HRc is achievable, with a surface hardness depth of up to 0.15mm. The steel maintains a high core strength.

Solution Treatment Typical Properties

SS630 is commonly supplied in the solution treated condition (Condition A). Heat treated at different temperatures will offer a wide range of properties. (We also hold stock in H1150+H1150).


Temp. [°C]

Type of




A 1038 1/2 Oil/Air (to below 32°C) 363 max 39 max
H900 480 1 Air 420 44
H925 495 4 Air 409 42
H1025 550 4 Air 352 38
H1075 580 4 Air 341 36
H1100 595 4 Air 332 35
H1150 621 4 Air 311 33
H1150+H1150 760-760 4 followed by 4 Air 302 33
H1150M 760-620 2 followed by 4 Air 277 27

Typical Mechanical Properties*









Tensile Strength N/mm² 1034 1380 1310 1170 1140 1035 1000 965 860
0.2% YS N/mm² 650 1275 1200 1140 1035 930 860 760 585
Reduction of Area % 30-60 50 54 56 58 58 60 60 68
Elongation % 6-15 14 14 15 16 17 19 20 22
Charpy Impact J - 20 34 47 61 61 68 108 135

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