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ASTM A565 AISI 422
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Form available: bright bar, forged bar, cold drawn bar, forged bladeSteel grade and Chemical composition -Martensit...
Steel grade and Chemical composition - Martensitic Stainless Steel
Technical specification: ASTM A565  Steel grade: AISI 422
C (%):    0.20 ~ 0.25
Si (%):    ≤ 0.50
Mn (%):  0.50 ~ 1.00
P (%)≤:   0.025
S (%)≤:   0.025
Cr (%):   11.0 ~ 12.5
Ni (%):    0.50 ~ 1.00
Mo (%):   0.90 ~ 1.25
Other (%): V 0.20 ~ 0.30, W 0.90 ~ 1.25
Mechanical property at different heat treatment practice
Form: bar,forge piece
Condition:  Tempering (620℃)
Tensile strength, σb/MPa: 965
Yield strength, σ0.2/MPa: 760
Elongation, δ(%): 13.0
Reduction of area, ф(%): 30
Hardness | HRB:  -
Form: bar,forge piece
Condition:  Tempering (675℃)
Tensile strength, σb/MPa:  825
Yield strength, σ0.2/MPa:  585
Elongation, δ (%): 17.0
Reduction of area, ф (%): 35
Hardness | HRB:  ≤ 52 HRC
Advantage and Production condition
LonghaiSteel Co.,Ltd has advanced production equipments and a team of professional design staffs, strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system
Specialized in high quality steel and best service for our esteemed customers from all over the world.
We produce and supply steel products with following specifications
Round bar / Wire rod (Diameter):  0.50mm to 3000mm
Square bar / Flat bar: 3mm to 2000mmPlate / Sheet steel / Steel strip: 0.1mm to 2500mm
Width: 8mm to 2500mmLength: random length or based on the customer's special requirement.
Forged steel shape: stepped shafts with flanks / discs /tubes /slugs /donuts /cubes /other different shapes based on OEM.
Pipes / Tubings: OD 3-219 mm, with wall thickness ranging from 0.50 to 35 mm.
Finished goods condition: hot forging/hot rolling + annealing/normalizing + tempering/quenching + tempering                                            
any other conditions based on the customer's requirement
Surface conditions: scaled (hot working finished)/ground/rough machining/fine machining based on the customer's special requirements.
Furnaces for metallurgical processing: EAF + LF/ VD/ VOD/ AOD/ ESR/Vacuum consumable electrode.
Ultrasonic inspection: 100% ultrasonic inspection for any inperfection or based on the customer's requirement.                                       
Excellent service for all kinds of industries With advantages of technologies, equipment and price strategy.

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