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ASTM A565 AISI 422
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Form available: bright bar, forged bar, cold drawn bar, forged bladeSteel grade and Chemical composition -Martensit...
We produce and supply steel products with following specifications
Round bar / Wire rod (Diameter):
  0.50mm to 3000mm
Square bar / Flat bar: 3mm to 2000mm
Plate / Sheet steel / Steel strip: 0.1mm to 2500mm
Width: 8mm to 2500mm
Length: random length or based on the customer's special requirement.
Forged steel shape: stepped shafts with flanks / discs /tubes /slugs /donuts /cubes /other different shapes based on OEM.
Pipes / Tubings: OD 3-219 mm, with wall thickness ranging from 0.50 to 35 mm.
Finished goods condition: hot forging/hot rolling + annealing/normalizing + tempering/quenching + tempering
                                             any other conditions based on the customer's requirement
Surface conditions: scaled (hot working finished)/ground/rough machining/fine machining based on the customer's special requirements.
Furnaces for metallurgical processing: EAF + LF/ VD/ VOD/ AOD/ ESR/Vacuum consumable electrode.
Ultrasonic inspection: 100% ultrasonic inspection for any inperfection or based on the customer's requirement.
                                        Excellent service for all kinds of industries With advantages of technologies, equipment and price strategy.

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